No Official Servers Loading?

Hey just wondering if anyone else is only getting singapore server only?

No servers are loading for me. The server i admin on isnt showing up on the server list. Also if i get in a server and start playing with in 5mins it will kick me and i cannot rejoin unless i reboot rust all together. Highly annoying.

very odd i tried playing yesterday was hopeing everything was fixed by now.

Yep, same issue yesterday too for me. Im over trying to play today i think.

has facepunch issue any info on this? I haven’t seen anything in their news.

Do you guys even look at the forum before posting? Pretty much every thread today is on this… ffs!

Had Washington, Seattle and Singapore. Tried Washington as it was the lowest ping but the lag was unbearable.

Left and refreshed the list, only Washington and Singapore. Hit refresh a few minutes later and only Singapore was left. The next refresh returned an empty server browser.

Must be taking servers down for hot fixes to sort out the issues where they broke the game etc.

Same issue. No need for a new thread