No Official Servers On Old Version

After I installed the March 19th update, when I tried playing the old version, all the official servers would not appear. This is frustrating because I put a lot of time into one of those servers.

i haven’t heard anything confirming it for now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually drop all the official legacy servers. this may be what has happened, or not. either way i’d suggest investing in a good community server instead, since official presence isn’t guaranteed.

They’re still there but they aren’t showing up in the server lists anymore. Fortunately I saved up all the IP addresses and get in via net.connect x.x.x.x , but there’s been practically zero population since the update… so… if they’re using unity analytics to determine population count, it’s pretty much guaranteed to show no one since most people didn’t record the IP addresses.

They are there for me and all of the people playing on them. I boot up legacy and see all the official servers. However, the population is amazing low on these servers, so maybe they are invisible for most people?

PS. Enjoying all the nice loot as buildings decay. Most of the official legacy servers have 2-5 people on them now.

Also, just for those people who never play legacy, there are still a ton of populated legacy servers. For example, I have been playing on a really nice server with admins always present with 30-50 players on it. It is very active. There are a ton of very active modded Legacy servers.

Yup, most bases decayed already. Guess they wanted to kill off the official legacy servers!

I wonder if FP did this on purpose? To kill off legacy. It is working.

I can see the Official servers, but they all vary from 0 to max 5 players. East Coast has been 1 - 3 players today. It would be nice to fix this - no need to kill off legacy yet. For example, I am playing it on my Mac laptop but can’t play the mac version of the new Rust because it is not ready yet (bugs, bad performance on Mac, etc).

Seriously, it would be nice if someone could switch it back so players can see and join the official servers. Killing off all the official servers of legacy will make some people just leave the game. New Rust is not a good alternative yet for anyone with performance or FPS issues.

Agreed completely, legacy is still a lot of fun and I prefer it to the new branch. It’s a shame to see that so many people don’t know how to connect to the official servers since they dropped off the list - we’ve had quite a good thing going there. A large part of the draw with the official servers is they never wipe… I can’t tolerate the weekly wipes in new branch, just feels like a waste of time never being able to really bulid up.