No-Oil Wars [Beta]

Hello, We’ve been working on a gamemode for the past 5 months, and finally we have opened it for public. (not released though)

Here’s a trailer:

Our devteam consists of:

  • Nooobody (Leader, Lua coder)
  • Dr.P00f (Mapper)
  • TruBluRage (Sounds)
    And some others that have been inactive.

Our server’s hosted in UK and the IP is
Oh and before you come, be sure to download this first:

The community steamgroup is:

Here’s some Pics

I want pictures and some info :confused:

I can’t change weapon.

So it’s a deathmatch gamemode with a macro system and weapon buying?

Make a link for the Map please, try not to put it all in 1 file geez this takes ages, i could’ve downloaded 5 10mb files by the time this finishes.

Pictures are on the way, what information do you want?

F2 to open up the PlayerMenu

Well, It has more than that, but basically yeah.

So you want to download everything seperately?
Probably could make the base stuff into a pack and then make the maps into a seperate pack.

Yeah it’s quicker and saves bw.

So the game is called No-Oil Wars but the game have nothing to do with Oil whatsoever?..Why did you name it “No-Oil” War then?

I was expecting an rts fight over oil or something because people are running low on oil, very disappointing.

No-Oil because you don’t need Oil, Durrr.

Awesome you should release to the public so i can play with 500 BILLION PINg

Its actually a joke about my name “Nooobody”
Nobody = nil
Nooobody = nooil

That makes no sense, What so ever ding-double-dong.

Yes it does.

Nobody = Nil

Add two o’s to nobody = Nobooody

Add two o’s to nil = nooil.

The idea is very unoriginal but the customization looks pretty amazing, have a crown. Maybe expanding on gamemodes rather than just Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

We already have, Made a special event on friday nights.
One versus Everyone Featuring Gabe Newell :wink:

I find it hard to take that seriously.


Are you planing on releasing to the Community So i could host it on a Server located in australia?

Well, Tomorrow evening/night (GMT) we shall have another Kill Gabe night. Join the community to check the time and come to play. :smiley:

I’ve no intention to release the Mode for the public.