No-one can connect to my Gmod DS

I am using srcds and I can create a server just fine, I have forwarded port 27015 from my router and allowed that port to pass through my firewall but still no-one can join my server. It just says server is not responding. I am using the GUI version of srcds, I hate command line with a passion. Anyway please help me, I am new to this thing so answer clearly.

Try to forward port 27016 both TCP and UCP instead.

Opening port 27016 won’t make a difference. The console’s default port number is 27015, If people can’t join then theres somthing like wrong ports, or he\she didn’t open it correctly.

Do not use the ports listed on They are incorrect.(I had to open 27015, 27005, 27039) And it worked. But following the ports on portforward is just going to cause stress.

UDP has to be open for port forwarding, not TCP.

If you’re hosting from home, you need to give friends your external IP.