No one can connect to my server

I have made a garrys mod server and my friend can not connect. because the server does not show up anywhere for him. if you need any info i can post more… let me know if you need to see anything… so if you have any idea on how to fix this please post… Thanks

I’ve got this problem too, today is the first time I try hosting a server through the normal ingame “choose player amount” since before Garry’s Mod went Steampipe

It used to work flawlessly, I’ve got my ports forwarded for Steam and all Source games, also all of them allowed as exceptions in my firewall.
My friend can host his server fine and I can join him.

Same i have all my ports opened, well the ones that need to be opened and still nothing…

I’ve had the same problem and this way worked for me: Did your friend try to connect by right clicking name and join server on steam friends?

Alright so things like Hamachi (and probably Tunngle) work if you’re fine with those programs.

Just start a server from ingame like you normally would and then anyone else who wants to join should be in your network and use your Hamachi/whatever IP.

I’m not sure if the server hosting not working is for everyone or just us 3, but I’ll hope it gets fixed

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I tried this when my buddy was hosting his server, but then his server had the same thing we’re having.

final Edit: So it turns out I was just a little bit on the blind side over my forwarded ports, my static IP had changed without my knwledge form .100 to .102 at the end, so I just had to select my new static IP at each port and it’d work for me again.
For anyone else who has the problems shown in this thread make sure you set it to the right static IP that your computer uses too - I completely forgot about that part myself :v:

yeah that may work for my friend but what about everyone else?

We tried to right click join but it says server is not responding but i can join