No one can join my server!

Recently, I created a server hoping to get people to join and have fun :smile:. I used steamcmd, downloaded the correct updates, put mods in, and port forwarded it :goodjob:. However, it seems that no one except the people who join me through steam can join :sick:. I asked one of my friends to try looking up my server by typing in the map I used (gm_citadel) in the legacy browser and came up with nothing :nope:. I believe the problem is the port forwarding. I put in my IP4 where the ip address needed to be and created 3 ports (I used a tutorial video as my research). I’m not sure if it was one of the ports, or I used the wrong address, but no one can join :ohno:. I also used both protocols. Did I do something wrong? Please help me find a solution. Thank you! :smile:


best shitpost I’ve ever seen.