No one can see my Listen server

I have my ports all set up to the right Ip and everything.

Any help on what the fuck i should do?

Are people even suppose to see listen servers?

They’re the servers with the [L] in front of the gamemode name

I hope that helps

For the last two years on GMOD I’ve had this problem, but with the help of friends I finally got my listen server up today, so here’s what I did.

Ports forwarded: 27015, 27016, 27005

Console Commands: “sv_lan 0” “hostport 27015” “heartbeat”

Should solve your problem, good luck.

See if you can assign your public IP address to your own computer, so people can connect through your IP.

Search Facepunch for “dedicated server port forwarding”, you need a special one for the steam network, and a couple others, namely the master sever lists.

nevermind turns out no one ever wanted to join my shitty server.

and also my friends are mentally retarded when it comes to finding my servers