No one joins my server?

I resently just started hosting my own gmod server with my friend. No one joins

I currently have only M9k wepons and scars. and i have vermilion 2 (admin mod)

Am i doing anything wrong? :freakout:


First off it is not a darkrp server. :suicide:

Millions of servers. Make it unique.


People don’t like to join empty servers. Grab some friends and have them play with you hopefully attracting others.

I would say be unique. Hire someone to code for you if you’re willing to go that far.

Dident do that before :suicide: i will do that now.

Sorry for asking this but can you add me on steam? You can help me with my server if you want

Is it a sandbox server? Even just yourself on the server if its a sandbox helps alot. When i get on to test my badly written code people will join and start playing and building on it

Yes its sandbox

  1. Dont buy a 32+ slot server, start with 15 or 20
  2. Use a unique name, or just go “|50 Jobs|Custom|Unique|Cool Printers”
  3. Invite friends

Make sure to use “SleekHUD”

There are a ton of sandbox servers so you need to do something to convince people to come back.

Looks nice :excited:

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I dont buy servers. I just use my home to host it.

and i have ddos protection :happy:

It’s because you WANT people to join your server.

Nobody ever joins when you want them to.

But when you host online to play with friends and forget to set a password the server fills in 5 minutes.

tell me about it

you what m8?

don’t expect players if you’re home hosting either.

Not true at all either. I home hosted a css server four to five years ago and got players on it all the time. Was it smooth playing with more than 5 people? Hell no it wasn’t. But i still got people on it. Its far more efficient and better to buy a dedicated or vps than it is to host at home. You’ll save yourself in the long run