No One Left Alive + Bonus Pics

A lone survivor too late for a rescue


  • Future Shock:

  • Some Pyro’s want to watch the world burn:

Nice scenebuild, but posing needs some work. I like the night edit too.

Yeah, your posing’s pretty awful. His ass is sticking out in the first one, his neck looks weird, his legs look weird. The edit’s not too bad, but focus on your posing more.

Hmm I like the explosion in the first picture :slight_smile:

First one is very pretty, angle and atmosphere especially, but you did a fisheye with it, try zooming it with the camera to remove the fisheye effect

I actually used the zoom, sorry if has fisheye, but thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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I’m working on my posing, I’m more of a edit and scene build guy but I will work on it

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Guess the gas lines still work huh?

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Thanks man, I love scene building and my edits, but I will work on my posing

Posing and your glows need the most work.