"No one lives forever"


Very nice. Is there a backstory?

Well yeah, Dell (Engineer) was payed (With australium, ofcourse) to find a way to kill Redmond.
He got the reviving machine sabotaged and is about to kill him with his pistol.

We so need a blutrach/redmond model for gmod…

Yes we do.
Apparently I noclipped to the part Redmond is located to realize he’s a floating head with a hand holding a cane.

Wait what’s the map

I have no idea. But if it has floating head and canes, it’s fine in my book.

Youme’s Artpass entry.
It’s great, it features Redmond’s whole mansion and a small graveyard near it.

Holy shit.


Not that great.

Thanks for the comments, guys.

But dont point out any flaws, thats helpful.

There is no flaws.

It’s not that great.

It’s not that great because it has no flaws?

Why did you read bottom to top.

It’s not that great, there is no flaws.

There is no flaws.

It’s not that great.

Its not original?

Bad Posing?

Bad idea?

It isnt just not great for no reason.

Now see, those are opinions.
Flaws are flaws that state obvious observant.
I don’t have to state my opinions.

I like it as well but its veeery small.

Well not all of us can afford a good computer or a nice monitor…