No one plays robot wars anymore?

I use to play robot wars on either a sandbox server or there was servers just for robot wars,please start playing it as its something different out there in terms of gaming…

y’all niggas need to make a robot wars gamemode, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to code actually

I used to play that

I made the bombest as fuck bot simply by maxing out the weight stool.

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gmod 9 was great

I fixed most of Garry’s Bots which was a robot wars gamemode.

So is there any servers up?

Garry’s Bots was amazing; seeing a spinning mass of vending machines send a bipedal dumpster flying into a crushing pit made my day.

Bring garysmod bots back!!!

Reminds me of a game me and some friends invented back in Gmod 9 days called Bases Bots and Bombs, it was killer for LAN parties

It was played on Sandbox since none of us could Lua code, but the gist was that you would split up into teams of 2 to 5 and build a multi-layered base of wooden and breakable props. After your base was completed, you would build a robot out of props and tools and send it to the other team’s base. The goal was to penetrate the base and kill the team inside. They couldn’t fight back so the main goal was to make a base that the robot couldn’t get through easily and to make a robot that can penetrate bases relatively easily.

We found that the best bots were air tanks with thrusters on the back and an explosive on it. Launch it at the base, break through, and explode to kill the other players.

Creativity rules with Sandbox