No Option in 3DX Ripper to open 3DR Files

I don’t know why I don’t have the option under “Import.” I looked at some tutorials and they said I had to install a plugin in 3DS max. I don’t have the plugin for it inside and I don’t even know how to get it or if I even need it. Some help would be great.

It should be the default import option in 3DS max. Try setting it to all format or all files.

And instead of making a billion posts, make one thread for all your questions and concerns.

I did try setting it to “All Files,” still no luck. It’s almost as if the plugin isn’t working with it, I simply don’t have the option for 3dr formats.

file from 3DX ripper isnt deafalt 3DS max format. You have to download plugin. Unless you install it when installing 3DX ripper

Could you link me only the plugin? I’ve been looking for just the plugin and I oculden’t find it.

you should be able to install it while installing 3D ripper DX

I’m aware of the instance where i’m promted to install it, however i selected my version and I even erased the letters saying “Do not install this” and it still didn’t work. Can someone just upload the needed files to mediafire or somethin for me?


My version is the 2010 one.