No option to map for GMOD?

I’ve run the game but theres no option to map for garrys mod under any of the engine versions. :\

That’s because you don’t map for Gmod. Map for episode two or CSS, it comes to the same thing.

Wow, I could’ve sworn there was an option. Oh well, thanks.

Next time use the question megathread or search feature, this has been asked and answered various times.

There is, if you make it yourself. No point though, it will cause more problems than its worth. Use either css or ep2.

You can use any source game to map for gmod, take in fact that HL2 will work with everyone, CS:S Many, TF2 some, Day Of Defeat not much.

Funny I use HL2 to map for gmod. Works fine for me.

You can set up a config for Garry’s Mod, but you should use other configurations just because of the textures they have.

Or you can map for it’s parent, HL2. I hate seeing maps made in the CS:S hammer and ran in GMOD because Some people don’t have CS:S or ep2. That’s the only reason I bought CS:S lol.

Import CS:S content into Ep2, that’s the best way. CSS has much better textures and models.

Generally i map to a case of, if they don’t have an ep2 model or material, then tough. They should have it by now, and if not, then why not.