No Other Path to Pursue

p.s. I used only three brushes (if someone cares).


To be honest, I could imagine, having your pictures hanging around in my living room as large posters.

I really like it. My only suggestion, it to smooth out the edges of the subjects in the frame. Just a quick rub with the blurr tool should do the trick. Other wise, its amazing.

This is much better.

People pictures are always good to express some feelings.

you are using the same filter on all your pictures

yes it’s a filter not a brush

are you high?

nobody can make Picassotic picture like this without high.

jk awesome picture. :slight_smile:

Could you start posting the originals? It would be nice to compare the two.

reminds me of my family

And masks are from japanese Noh theater.


Holy fuck what are you smok- I mean, this is cool. Almost as cool as the knight + dragons one.