"No, please, I beg you." - Evil Headwraps about to kill civilan.






Nice pose there, Rick.

The ground texture is pretty ugly the background doesnt look very attractive and the guy pointing the gun is leaning forward too much but the rest of the pose is nice.

What is that guy in the background aiming at?

that’s because insurgents know little about fire stances

I think all the humans know that if you lean forward too much you fucking fall on your face, that fact has nothing to do with fire stances.

Whats with the hostality? Yes he’s leaning a bit to much forward I agree.

And the ground is supposed to be ash or something, it’s a prop :v: But regardless yes it is ugly.

no they don’t i’ve seen dozens of guys fall because they didn’t know shit about guns

Oh pardon my french Mister.

I read the title with an Iraqi accent.



nice pose

cant see anything wrong with it

When i saw “Headwraps” i thought of some weird cousin of the headcrab.


And thanks for all the comments guys. Really Apriciate it.

I think it is really great, I like how he throws up an untrained stance with his weapon, nice.
I really hope you got a link for me to those models man. The headwraps.

That’s the way you fire a weapon. If you lean back, you’re going to get knocked on your ass from the recoil.


Oh right on, thanks, have a wrench.