No purpose to play ? Suggestions here

Hey ,just making this thread about the feeling that numerous players had:
What is the purpose on Rust ? (You get bored fast somewhat)
I mean it’s cool to make a house and all, but surviving is seriousely way too easy on the game, and what is the point of having a house when you can already survive without it.
Adding a “village” system ,with Leaders / villager or something just like gangs.
Like a way to be the “Chief” (adding some extra perks, à la Reign of kings like taxes)
Or just post your suggestion for a “purpose” to the game. (Climate change that allow the player to freeze if not on a house, need of water on desert, something that make the survival part hardest)

I feel filthy doing this, but shameless advertising never hurt anybody.

I talk about making the game’s PvE, PvP and Building/Raiding harder. Check it out.

I don’t get people saying they are bored of Rust. I have played over 1,300 hours, (that’s almost 2 months in-game time), and I’m still not bored. I play with many people who have clocked up over 700 - 800 hours.

Maybe you’re just doing it wrong?..

Expect new and exiting shit soon.

That whole “village and chief” system is something the players can do on their own. We don’t need mechanics to tell us how to play a game and what we should do in the game, we can determine that ourselves.

I’ve seen plenty of villages and compounds pop up on Rust servers.

I do understand your concern of getting bored though. For me, it’s just because my friends don’t really play the game anymore, so when I do check it out, I maybe pop in, make a house, leave, and don’t come back until the update the next week. I’m pretty sure once I convince them to start playing it again, I’ll be playing the game like crazy like I did in Legacy.


Remove Raid Towers = Only Jump Hackers Can Raid

Allow twig structures to be constructed without building permisions

Cupboards are ok. Just shouldn’t block building twig tier

We either need ladders/grappling hooks, or tool cabinets to only block upgrading but not placement of objects

I cant think a better solution about tool cupboard problems

I have to agree with antoine, minus the caps maybe xD. there’s already a new form of ugly ass sky bridge being used to access rock and water bases. when will this madness end ? lol

In other words you expect the game to be a big messed up minecraft with tons of trolled houses where there is no meaning building at all, since no matter if you spent days building your home, any troll child will be able to get into it after 15 minutes of play, right?

Go play minecraft… (in a not protected newbie server, because even in decent minecraft servers the houses are fully protected…)

in other words? kinda sounds like you’re just putting words in his mouth to me. when did he say he wants all bases to be raidable in 15 mins? lol

I can not even remotely imagine how could you made such conclusion.

But now i see, that you should go play protected newbie minecraft server. Because this game is not for you, its about building and raiding. It’s not only sandbox for builders.

Plese try to understand the difference:

  • NO
  • YES

Tame a horse and become a cowboy

Another 300 hours from that at least.

the beauty of rust is the fact that all those things you ask are missing.

since all this numbers, taxes, roles, are missing, you player, make the story.

it’s so easy to give quests to new players rewarding them with food and shelter, or maybe guns for the next quest, while you calmly sit close to the window watching your minions raid your enemies. petting a white cat.

I have a saying about boredom, “Only the boring get bored, those who have managed to keep their imagination, are never bored”

-shrug- I’d still play if they got rid of the twigs. I refuse to right click and upgrade every single thing from twigs to something better. I’ll come back to the game once that is fixed (it may have already been and I just don’t know).

Possible solution: Let us set the hammer to turn stuff from twigs to wood/stone and we just hit stuff to upgrade it. If it was like that I’d still play.

You’re lucky. Now you can go to play with a stick.

I already do i call it a Spear, i also attach rocks to small sticks and call them Stone Hatchets this helps me gather larger Sticks which i then turn into a fortress. I even attach strings to sticks, i call it a Bow then i attach feathers and sharp rock bits to small sticks and call them Arrows with this i can hunt animals and kill vicious raiders wanting to take my stuff that i created with my Imagination and creativity.
The Boring get bored and the Bored are boring. Without Imagination and creativity we would have nothing. Only the Boring and Bored would disagree with me.

I mean, you do not even need a computer for such a divine imagination and creativity.

of course not, i build bows and arrows and other weapons in real life.

im boring but never get bored explain that

It’s your name