No Raiding Servers

I know a lot of people on this game like pvp and raiding, and that is perfectly fine. I however do not, I do not enjoy working hard to get a house built, get materials, etc, just for someone to walk by and make me start all the way over because he has C4 or something, then puts pillars or stairs in my way so my house is furthermore useless.
Is anyone aware of anything they are doing to maybe lessen this, help us protect our homes better, or maybe make no raiding servers of any kind?

The server i played on before i got my own was really nice. Its got a good population and growing. The admins are nice and its pve with no raiding. You should go check it out!!!



c4s/millitary weapons/kevlar/grenades are uncraftable and only obtained on airdrops on my server;
we run the economy plugin so u have money and can buy and sell a lot of items :slight_smile:

if u r interested: