No re spawn server. True hardcore.

I would be curious to study player behavior in a server where one could not re spawn for 24 hours after a death. When a player dies all blueprints are Un learned. I imagine most players would avoid encounters with other players. There would be that one crazy old man in his tower with a rifle.

yeah its called pve because that all people would do

One crazy old man? On a server like this that would be everyone. I’m not even sure if I would trust my friend to not kill me accidently and ruin a friendship. This idea seems like it could be good, but it could also just make kevlars even more powerful. now if you kill a naked he stays out of your territory forever. They will have huge advantages because if you kill someone whose house you are trying to raid it just means game over for the player you killed. There would be no chance in hell your stuff would be ok after that. This kind of thing would make me never want to play on a server like this.

It could be fun to see how long you could survive, but realistically I’d die once and then just say fuck it.

Shorten the respawn time to one hour, and it’s my favourite server.

Realistically, this 24 hour respawn timer would only work if it enables itself after you’ve stayed alive for a good while already.

Otherwise bandits will empty the server by killing all the freshspawns before they can get basic tools.

Behavior would become more human, less spaz.

I’d say the majority of players would simply avoid the server and play somewhere else.

I get what the OP wants to do and to focus on limiting the jerk’ness some players have towards others, but like everything else in the game, someone somewhere can and will eventually find a way to abuse the system. Many have already pointed out a number of problems with this idea.

The thing is, it’s a video game and people play video games to have fun and have some form of entertainment… if I ended up on a server like this, or worse, all servers were like this… and I ended up getting killed a few minutes after being spawned, AND THEN I couldn’t play again for 24 hours?

I’d uninstall Rust and never play it again, because that’s not a game.

I wouldnt find the idea that fun, im sure some people would but its just not for me. I like the ideas of some more hardcore servers but the idea of making some sort of survival life simulator kind of turns me off. It is no longer a game as Praxius pointed out. Again not saying the idea cannot be enjoyable to some just saying its appeal i would wager is greatly limited to a few.

in fact that server would be worse than the four kings from dark souls

I’d probably die falling off a cliff or something stupid like that. Lagging out in a field being mauled by a bear. Would be a nifty feature if it was toggleable/adjustable and you could set 5/10/30/60 minute cooldowns on respawn times.

Hacker paradise.

They have a game like this already, its called DayZ, minus the 24 hour timeout thing. You die in that game you loose everything you had, start over.

24hrs is extreme, 15 minutes would make people think twice.

I like the idea of all your blueprints gone. It would make finding blueprints you already have a good experience instead of just rotting them.

Although once a gang had enough blueprints to sustain the odd death most new spawns would stay in their house all the time not wanting to be reset.

Day Z has basebuilding now? :zoid:

If your going off the premise that your character died and your starting from scratch(No blue prints) why would you still have access to your old base?

Day Z aka Walking Simulator 2014

Technically yes, although modded.

I’d play DayZ if my mouse icon actually moved around when moved it. It doesn’t move, only snaps to where I click on screen, so I have to either guess where I’m clicking or click a billion times while slowly moving my mouse to track it’s movement to the shit I actually wanna click on.

Could really be fun if you started with a shelter and a bow +arrows. Just to avoid being raped by a bear. as soon as you spawn and have some sort of chance not to die your first spawn.