No-Recoil works with Mad Cows Weapons

Hi all!

Can someone make me a no-recoil hack that works with Mad Cows Weapons or just tell me how should I make it? I am an experienced lua coder, but I couldn’t find any way to do it.


AutoAim does this, or atleast i get no recoil when i shoot.

hook.Add(“Think”, “NoRecoil”, function()
if LocalPlayer() and LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon() and LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon().Primary then
LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon().Primary.Recoil = 0
end )

Has aimbot, autoshoot, ESP, No-Recoil and name changer.

No one works:( It shoots like previously.

You could also just learn to aim.

It’s for learning lua i never play on shooting-gamemodes.

How does this help you learn lua if you’re not coding it? Also, what do you mean by a no recoil hack? Like when you shoot, the recoil of your gun forces your view up?

Yes, I think he means he wants a hack which eliminates this recoil so your gun stays steady. There are several of these and one has already been linked to in this thread so I wont make another link.

It’s not really a hack, as much as it is editing the gun’s file.

SWEP.Primary.Recoil = 0