No recorder works!

hello in trying to make a half-life 2 machinima in gmod about the ww2 and no recorder works!
im like WTF?
fraps dosent show the text in corner, gamecam crashes the game, xlive does nothing, source recorder dosent work either, and xd game record software dosent workd either!! help plz! im going crazy!

Try wegame recorder

no. wegame is horrible waste of space. Try using source recorder again and use the divx “XVid” codec.
it works very well without ANY lag unlike fraps or wegame will if you have explosions and stuff going on.
heres an example:

I like fraps/wegame better because its much higher quality of video. I get no lag at all from it (as far as i can see). Also if you do have lag (slower comp) try typing record name in console to start recording a demo, then stop to stop and playdemo name to play it and then start recording. It may look laggy but lag dosent show up, at least on fraps. Thats the way you make good high quality videos with no lag even on a slow machiene.

it’s not for like a slower comp. Im just saying that if like expolsions of mass proportions that WILL give you lag, source recorder is best.

how do i get dvix codec? i downloaded xvid but not neccecairly the codec.
give me link! =D

here. just go to this video on

in the description theres a link to the xvid codec and divx.