No response from remote host

Whenever i try to connect to experimental server this error occurs. I couldn’t find a solution that would help me, i tried installing\reinstalling .NET framshit, and it didn’t work, i disabled all those firewall douchebags, and still nothing. Please, help me!

“Host” is down I guess.

Well, this means that every experimental rust server is down, and those people who are playing there right now are not real

EDIT Had to stop laughing.

So because you get the error, this somehow equals to everybody having it, sorry, I’m confused, but I’m sure somebody with more knowledge can guide you.

You said host might be down, which, as i know, means that the server is down, therefore no one could play there, but server browser was showing me that there were players on the server, but never fucking mind anyway, the problem fixed itself, and i still dont know what was it that caused it in the first place.

The server browser isn’t necessarily accurate. A server that’s stuck might still be able to report to the master server, and it’d be reporting the last count of players it had, even if those players aren’t actually connected because the server is going crazy with a bug/crash.

You’re playing on experimental. It is in active development and receives updates between 10 and 20 times a day. Stuff is going to break sometimes.