No Running By the Pool

Oh man I love me some Payday. This is perfect. Loving Wolf’s sly hello to the ladies.

i’m reminded of this one Habbo-related meme

amazing posing

What happened to their ties?

Jerry the Predator’s gettin all the space-bitches

I replaced their physics with DPFilms’ Metropolice physics(3 torso collisions instead of 2) thinking I’d be able to pose the ties with the joint tool.

I was wrong so I had to bodygroup them out.

wait, what happened?

I swapped out the .phy files for the Payday dudes with the physics from DPfilms’ Metropolice. Shit did not go according to plan.

Interestinbg scene, i like how there’s so much going on, i especially like the posing on the SWAT guy knocking down one of the robbers.

I’m actually kind of curious on what they would be stealing to be near a pool.

This is awesome. Really amazing work!

I can dig it.


Sounds Fleshy.

Fucking awesome.

the lighting could be a tad more interesting btw

I get the feeling the dude being tackled should probably have his head further back from the impact

But that’s just nit-pickey at this point

Fantastic picture!

I was hoping for a Samus, but still great, love that pose from the guy jumping over the women in black.

Awesome picture man.

I piffed it up a little, hope u don’t mind.

Too bright. I didn’t want to picture to look 50% solid white.

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The highlights were nice though. Makes them look like they’ve got on sun tan lotion.