No Rust on steam

i have activated the key and yes i have restarted steam and viewed in small mode but … still not there and it says key already activated with this account

go to library, and change selection of games that are shown. its there but not showing for you

how you change selection

or log out of steam and log back in. Sometimes steam just takes a few minute to realize you want the game now.

OMG … still not there they need mods online to support


Just restart steam :slight_smile:

ive restarted 1735 times or something!!

Go to library, it should be called rust.

Download it, and there ya go.

it has being downloaded it is in my steam directory
However i need it in library to do steam cache thing because i loaded it up and there weere no servers there

Scroll down.

Where the hell did you found it ? i look up all over steam do not see it …


Restart Steam.

I was talking about the servers.

robot its not in the library

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So just log out from steam … and log back in … still nothing … so obviously i do something wrong …

The how you have downloaded it and launched it?

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You’d better post your Steam Library screenshot.

Nomadesoul same here they dont get it we still have nothing

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WEll I’m glad to see that i’m not the only " ass " to be sitting herre and dosen’t work … haha …
at least i’m not alone … thanks mate …

But maybe robot could give us the Path to follow to find it …
anyway …
thanks for reply

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How did i download it ???
Mate … come on , i play like all the others , i both my alpha key online and play trough the navigator "fire fox or what ever you use " …
there is no other way to download it … and if there is … well then i’m sorry i don’t know

nomadesoul is your in your directory

I wasn’t talking to you. You can download the game through Steam by activating a key you can get from