No scout... How could you...? (Warning for ppl sensitive to violence)

This is my first gmod pic. Ever. I got it a few weeks ago and i’m still learning. So, sorry for the nasty effects behid the spy. And all that bullcrap. Post comments of improvements i can make.

Why did you post this?

was hoping on a dramatic scene where a teammate had walked into a room to see a horror scout created

But instead you see a monster of a picture. How DARE this even be here! This is the worst picture I have ever seen. Posing is a joke, It’s on construct, NO EFFORT, blood spam, No post processing, bad graphics, effects behind spy are seizure indusing. Try fixing all those things BEFORE BLINDING ME.


BTW: Guy is 9 I think.

Hes a troll.
Everybody who posts below me is a retard.

I like the glass wall effect behind the Spy. It really reflects his emotions of how shocked he is when he saw that.

Aaah fuck it

Guys, be nice, this is his first pose. He isn’t sure what is right, or what is wrong.

Get this abomination out of my face.

His obviously a troll

Wait, I get it now. Noone makes a user just for their first pose. This man is a troll and you sirs are feeding him.


I agree with The Combine


No one post below me.

Very epic.

Edit:i am a rebel



That’s all.