No server appears

so here is my concern, I start the game, it starts up the home screen, I click “play game” the search server that launches… 10sec … 20sec … 30sec …1m …5m …10m … nothing. No server appears in no windows (either in history or in friends when I see friends connect through steam).
I uninstall / re-install the game, restarting the computer, verify the integrity of game cache but still nothing no servers are displayed.
I obviously tried to connect with F1 and net.connect command taking several server addresses randomly on the internet and I end up with a “Failed connect”.

So as you can understand this is very annoying is no way I can play while my friends are connected.
I hope someone can help me find a solution.
thank you


Try doing this. Right click Rust in your library. Go to properties. Go to Betas tab. For the first drop down list, make sure it’s on “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs”. That worked for me before. It turned out, I was loading dev servers.

Thank you for your reply but unfortunately I’m already “None - Opt out of all beta programs”.
When in doubt I go in dev mode and return to normal mode and still nothing.

Help me please. I am unable to play and that and really annoying.