No Server List

I tried to look at the server list to find the TnB servers, but I can’t get a server list PERIOD. I can wait ten minutes, and no servers. It just says refreshing server list… What’s up?

Try disabling your firewall.

I don’t have a firewall. What else can it be? Does the Mr. Garry know?


It’s only the in-game server list that won’t work. The out of game works fine.

Yeah I have the same problem and would like to know as well =\

I am having the same problem also. Firewall is enabling it, so if any one can help I would appreciate that!

Do what it saids for the masterserver file.

Hey timothy80 your right about that master server file I did what you said it works great thanks! :D, But… im no longer able to save favorite servers & all my history playing servers are gone, and sometimes I cant see the internet servers still, all I do is restart steam and its better, but it erases all of my server activity and i have to look for servers everytime :frowning: sucks.