No server_cfg.txt file

For some reason there is no server_cfg.txt file in my /cfg/ folder. I would like to start gmod without having to move every slider over every time I try to play with wiremod and this is getting really annoying so I’m wondering why this file isnt there.

its not needed dude…

Oh. What other way is there to make the sliders automatically go to the max?

Go to
Make a new file.
Change its name to “server” and its file type to “.cfg”. “server.cfg”
Open it

sbox_maxthrusters 9999
sbox_maxbuttons 9999
sbox_maxhoverballs 9999
And so on for all of them

For Wire

sbox_maxwire_thrusters 9999
sbox_maxwire_buttons 9999
sbox_maxwire_hoverballs 9999
And so on for every wire component