No servers are loaded for me, every tab says zero

I went onto a modded server for not more than 15 minutes and then got disconnected, my internet was fine at that time so i thought it was server side so i decided to join another server
When I went to the server tab, absolutely no servers are loaded, i tried youtubing it, googling it, even publiced it through firewall. Can anyone help other than just comment they are having the same problem please?

try refreshing the server list, I get this often as well but refresh seems to fix it.

… do you think i havent been trying to do that dude lol?

I’ve noticed a bug in the server list (at least I think it’s a bug, could be intentional I guess) where the servers will stop showing up if you refresh too quickly, too often. Give the game time to fully load every server before refreshing.

Dude it isnt that I think, when I even press connection on the middle top it wont load either way but i will leave it running for a bit and see if that is the problem

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now in the console it is saying gameconfig, couldnt connect to host