No servers in server browser.

When i open up the server browser, Absoloutely no servers appear. No filters are enabled, Map list is off, I refreshed multiple times and still don’t know what to do, I’d appreciate any help on this.

I got the same problem. I hope someone replies.

I’ve had this problem, when I had a slow internet connection. Never had it again since I changed to a better internet connection.

I’ve got this problem too! Just got the game today! wont work for this or Counter strike

My server list won’t update. I can’t even get one server to list.

As I said in my post, maybe it’s your internet connection and if you think it’s strong/fast enough then it could be your firewall screwing up.

I have no firewall and i get consistent 1mb/s download speed. Speedtest ranks it at 11.5mb/s

3 Other people had this, including me, in an older help request a couple weeks ago.

My internet was during that period, pretty sure it’s a problem with Steam.

I have same problem…But in Team fortress 2 or my xbox games it find me alot of servers… Maybe it’s problem with port forwarding…

Figured it out. Update your .net framework!

Now we need a resolve for Macs.

When i used to get this problem, i would go online to find a gmod server IP and i would join it. I would
play for a bit and leave. Then i would refresh my list and servers would come up. Might work might not but anything is worth a try right

sorry, i’m stupid
how do i do that

I get this but it usually comes back in a minute or two. :slight_smile:

Download the newest version of Net. Framework the newest one is 2.0 and you can get it here

Doesn’t support 64-bit.

says it’s already installed as part of my operating system

Another solution I found when I had this problem was searching all servers on steam instead of using the in game server search.

Just go onto steam, then to view, then to server list. Change the settings so it searches for gmod servers and hey presto. :wink: