no servers issue

since experimental went live i can’t find any server.
when i try connecting to a server via console, it says connection failed

but when i switch wifi network, for a few seconds servers start coming through, but i can’t join any of them (connection failed)

When i play Legacy or any other game i don’t have this issue.

my firewall has nothing to do with it, i have reinstalled the updates, reinstalled the whole game, switched to developer and back to the live version,
nothing changes.

any other solution i can try? thx in advance


actually it is a firewall issue, altough all traffic related 2 rust is allowed (inbound and out).
when i turned it completely off i could find and join servers
i am using bitdefender total security 2015

Also using bitdefender here and same problem, have both rust.exe and rust_client.exe in exceptions but servers will still only show if firewall is off, any application I am missing? I don’t really want my firewall to be off while I am playing.

Thanks in advance for help!


Thanks so much sendjes!
Helped a bunch :dance:

No problem.