No Servers on Garrysmod

Hello there! My name is Kasper, and I have a problem.

The problems is, that when I click on ‘Play Multiplayer’, then the server browser comes up, and that’s not the problem, BUT, there is no servers… I haven’t entered a specific map or anything, any field is empty… And in the left cornor down, is there a thing that says “Refreshing server list…” I tried to let the browser be open for about 1 hour, but still no servers. I tried on diffrent internet connections, still no servers! >.<’

What is the problem here?

i dont know , i dont even know if ports have anything todo with seeing public server. If you go on another game, Can you see servers?

Team Fortress 2 works fine.

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On a related note. Try clearing all field options, YES I know you said they are all empty but check them and also untick “check map list” or whatever that annoying and pointless box says. Also make sure you are deffinetly in the server browser tab, this may seem like a stupid request but mistakes happen eh.

As far as that I’m out of ideas for now, I’ll be sure to reply if I think of more.

i feel your pain :frowning:
also just wait, happens to me every ounce and a while

Internet connection fine?
No filtering software installed?
Any installed custom files in garry’s mod holding this up?

My advice is to rename your garrysmod folder (the one with maps/models/addons etc…) and then start up gmod. It will make a new folder and then transfer all maps into it.

Now go to play multiplayer, if this doesn’t work just find the server IP’s and manually connect them via console

“connect [IP ADDRESS]”

still not working

reinstall steam since the servers are steam/valve servers. not sure which one but just do it