No servers showing on experimental branch

So whenever I try to open the experimental branch no servers are listed. I’ve had this problem for weeks now and hitting refresh doesn’t fix the problem.

Thanks to anyone that can help me out

Do you have any security software installed?

Also, what does your F1 console look like while the server list isn’t loading?

I have bitdefender installed but the old version works just fine. It won’t let me take a screen shot of the game for some reason, but it says:
skipped frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost) over and over again

Like i’ll do a screen shot of the f1 console but it takes a picture of my desktop background instead.

Make sure BitDefender is set to allow the specific exes for Rust (should be Rust.exe and RustClient.exe) in the experimental folder in (Steam folder)\steamapps\common\rust\

BitDefender, in particular, has issues with Experimental and EAC, and Rust will probably work if you were to uninstall it from your system completely.


Well I paid for my antivirus so I have no intentions of uninstalling it lol. I tried excluding the rust folder but it still didn’t work. Are they working on fixing that?
Thanks for helping btw

I also have BitDefender…seems to be a dick when you want to game. Does your console look like this?


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I’ve done some testing with my AV (BitDefender) and it seems that it’s the problem. I uninstalled the AV, ran the Experimental Branch and was able to connect to a server. Once installing my AV again, I was unable to connect to Experimental Branch (nothing even came up for them) servers. I have added exceptions in my AV for both \experimental\rustclient.exe \experimental\rust.exe. And this has still not worked. I hope I can find a fix, or someone can!

yep that’s exactly what it looks like and what I did. No solution except for uninstalling it, it seems. Not going to do that any time soon though.