No servers!

So a couple of weeks ago i got on to rust to play with a friend and when i hit play game there were only 2 servers up in the community section a playrust server and a FacePunch DEV server i got onto 1 of them and asked the people on there what was going on they didn’t know either so i got off later got back on the 2 servers were gone and some hardcore Russian pvp server was up so i got off again and haven’t got on sense then today i got on and there were 8 servers up total in all categorys with a max of like 5 people on all of them. idk where the other servers are. The only thing i know is that my rust updated and it was called Rust(Dev) in the steam library idk whats going on but i cant play with any of my friends. So if any one has the same problem with only a couple servers and rust being called rust(dev) then i need some help thanks!

Possibly goto steam right click on the rust game in your games list… goto properties and turn off the dev ability not sure if that will fix it but maybe

ok ill try

You’ll probably want to disable the dev opt-in and log out/back into steam to make sure you have the most recent non-dev version.

Thanks man that worked i was opt in to dev for some reason thanks.