No servers!?!?

I seem to be not able to found any Garry’s mod servers with any settings applied. I cant found any servers with the in-game or the steam server search browser, any ideas would be helpful.

Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 620
Video card: GeForce GTX 260
OS: windows XP SP3

Advanced duplicated, buoyancy tool, you tube player, bailout, air vehicles, realistic sweps, weight tool, freespace09, gm_mobenix_v3_final, no collide world, waterizer, stacker tool, door tool, engine mod, district9 drivable vehicles, freespace_revolution, kermite-machine-guns,pistols and sub-machineguns, no collide, PHX3, smart snap, ultimate vehicle pack, counter-strike, Scars(most recent installed), simple prop protection, portal, tf2, Zeno_clash, hl2_ep2, PC mod,

                                                                                                                !NOW FIXED!

Same here. I’ve seen at least 7 other people here and on the Steam forums with this same problem. For me, NO Source games at all show servers.