No Shadow When Being Flashlighted

Hi, once again I need help.

I am getting this problem with most of the models I made that’s got a transparent texture. When you shine the flashlight on them, they do not cast shadows. I’ve managed to fix the ones that are solid like hair and fence textures, but for the ones with glass textures or energy textures (such as a spaceship’s engine’s fire effect). I can’t seem to find a fix for it.

Here are some screenshots:

This a picture of me shining the flashlight on Kleiner and my custom model (Notice that the custom model doesn’t have shadows on the back).

This is another picture of the same thing above (except I removed the transparent texture on my model’s glasses and then the shadow appeared.)

I copied Kleiner’s glass lens material for my model’s glass lens material.

I had this problem too. some texture has the $Translucent code in the .vmt. To fix this use

$mostlyopaque in your .QC

Ok that works, thanks for the help!