"No signs of the droids yet, sir"

My original goal was to make a hole in the sandcrawler with smoke and fire coming out of it.

Sadly I was never that good at photoshop, and I couldn’t find a good tutorial on it. Someone should make one.

C&C and such. I really need to know what to improve on.

90 views and zero replies?

I know you can do better, facepunch.

I guess the main problem is, that there is not much going on here. Posing is ok. but it’s a tick to empty in my opinion.

“Look sir, droids.”

Could use a few more troopers to make it more interesting.

Also, where can I get those models?

Very very empty, you should have edited in some dust or something to fill the emptyness.

I love it!
The shadows look a but weird though.

From my Star Wars Models thread.

“That’s a metal ring… that could belong to anything.”

I always thought that was a jump of faith for that stormtrooper.

This happens to me a lot…
Looks good though.
“These are not the droids you have yet to find.”

I think it looks pretty nice.

Yeah, I like them a LOT. I’m going to throw up more images (that will get better with time)

And thanks for the comment on my editing. I really need to know what to improve on.


Oh, and when I “like it a lot” I mean your models, not my shadows.

Blast points.

Too small for the sand people.

“Look a penny!”