No Sleeper Serevers

Is “No Sleeper” working properly? I ask because on every no sleeper server I have been on, if you die your stuff is gone. You can’t run back and get it, it is GONE!

I wouldnt bet on it.Its the same that on PvE Servers where Sleepers can be killed.
I try this on some PvE Servers.Kill by Player if online is impossible,but at the moment they sleep you can kill them.

I know 2 Non Sleep Server where Players also on

Why would you want a No Sleeper server? That literally changes the game 100%…

Why you want a PvE Server?
Right,cause not everybody want a PvP Server.
And why you want a No Sleeper Server?
Right,cause some dont want lose their stuff if they are off.Very Simple

Well then why are you playing rust? That is the point if rust, not too change the game and make it “Minecraft with guns”…

Excuse me.Who are you to tell me what I play and what not?
Everyone can play what they want.And if this change the game,why did Garry made an Option for modded Server?
Questions about Questions

It’s a sandbox, play however you want. BTW OP sleepers and non sleepers have nothing to do with the loot when you die. It only effects you when offline. Your dropped gear has a 2 or 3 min timer on it, gotta get to it quick and before anyone else picks it up…

It changes the game for sure, but if you want to start understand the Basic of the game you might want to play in a server where you can discover and improve your gameplay for other type of servers.

PvE is a great choise for those who don’t know how to play this new game, also it opens the doors for those who don’t know how to craft things, making them able to understand every part of the game.

I tested it out. I suicided in my house, re spawned right back, and the backpack wasn’t there.

After a suicide your inventory would be deleted,cause its your choice to die

That sounds weird.
Sleeper is only for your body to be seen or not if you’re logged out.

If you die you should be able to find your stuff unless somebody else got it before you.
If it would disappear then others wouldn’t be able to loot your stuff if they kill you so I don’t think it disappears. Of course you have to die in a normal way. Being killed or die in cause of gravity. Not after suicide.


Killed by a Zombie, ran back, and backpack wasn’t there.

Well if you are completely sure that you found the exact spot where you died then I can only think of somebody else looted your stuff.


Doesn’t matter, got everything and more today, there was no one else on the server at the time. Ran into this before on a server I ran, friend was killed, he dropped, but no backpack appeared.

Wait it would make sence if the server is running on PVE because other people shouldn’t be able to loot/steel your stuff.


Dont forget the Time :wink:

I just found a no sleeper server, logged in, killed a wolf threw down a sleeping bag and suicided and my backpack of stuff was there and I picked it back up. So I don’t think it’s a issue with no sleeper. Maybe you are just bugged on that server or something, maybe try another and see if it happens there.