no smd files with gmod ragdoll

first off: sorry if this is in the wrong place (which im pretty sure as hell it aint).

i have made a ragdoll for gmod in blender. its rigged and ready to go. the only problem im having is compiling. i understand how to compile but the problem is that im not getting any smd files.
just a crap load of dmx files. pretty sure that im supposed to be getting smd files to compile as well. have checked all over google for a fix but found nothing. source tools is definitely installed correctly.
whats missing!? please help.


You can compile with .dmx too I believe. Go to Modelling subforum and ask there. I personally use 3DS Max and smds.

thanks. will go check that out. i use 3dsmax as well but couldnt figure out the exporting.

DMX is the new format for ragdolls, although SMDs are still used. I really don’t understand why, but they both act the same way.

What you don’t understand? Valve are switching everything to .dmx now, it’s easier for them. ( One file loader/parser library for everything = easier to manage and stuff ).

That’s what I didn’t understand: the difference of SMDs and DMXs. I found no documentation on the differences of them.

Don’t know why my edit didn’t save; I meant to say, thanks for telling me.