no son i dont love you go away >:C

im going to join the army and walk through rain with a gun in russia

is this terrible son?
father you are dishonourable
kill yourself.
ok son.
i will.
good dad, good.


A part from the bad spelling and grammar, the image was very nice, maybe remove the half life logo from the van? Anyway really good

thanks D: just noticed that now. :c

Rain is too sharp and lacks depth.

In Soviet Russia, Ground clips into van.

Ingame Bloom?

Don’t even use text emotes, use the regular ones instead. :eng101:

Or he could do what he likes.


The pose is a little stiff and awkward, the camera angle is boring, the contrast and all of that is random, it doesn’t enhance anything, it has no meaning it’s just… you clicking random shit in photoshop. The rain is ok, but needs work.

I think he’s parodying that other guy

with the random title names

I think youre right Ehanced.
Rated funny.

Add a lamp from the side of the camera, will make it look prettier

add a tiny bit of motion blur to the rain, make sure the angle goes down towards the ground AND the direction the rain is going (kind of play it in the middle)

I like it.
Hi Freaky

hi angry.