No Sound at all

Today my sound in GMod stopped working. I checked to make sure there wasn’t any thing wrong with the sound settings (on computer and in-game), which there wasn’t, and check to make sure my headphones are working, which they are. So then I restarted the game, still didn’t work. Re started my computer, still didn’t work. Re- installed Gmod, and still doesn’t work. Help?

note: I did check if the sound works in other games such as L4D2 or TF2 and it does.

Open up gmod then go to options and sound and set the volume to max and if that doesnt work check your sound manager if you have lowered the gmod program sounds

Already tryed that D:

Is “awesomium core” lowered, if so higher it.

Edit: Can you listen to music and play other games with sound?

@icejjfish, yes

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can anyone else help me?

any help?

Is it all sounds in GMod? Is everything up in your mixer? Can you post your in-game sound options?

all the sounds including voice chat