No sound in rust.

i have no sound is rust. i looked it up, and i found that people were restarting/shutting down rust/reinstalling. none of those options worked. wtf its so boring to play rust without sound. can someone help me?

Turn up volume.

Unmute your sound.

umm my volume is not turned down. its turned all the way up. unless theres a commend in the console i can type to turn it up? in the options its turned all the way up, also on my desktop. i can hear fine for everything else, except rust.

there’s an option in rust … when u start the game, before clicking “play game” on the game screen … click options … there, on top there are two sliders … they should be both green slide to max
or atleast some of the way…

it happens to me sometimes. all i do is just exit and enter rust again and it works good

#6 yup when i looked up the problem, thats what people said to do. it still wont work for me.



Check volume slider in the taskbar, click it, go to mixer with rust open and make sure the volume for Rust is turned up. Often times when I have this issue the volume for a specific app is turned all the way down.

edit: sorry I assumed you are on windows, if you are not then there may be some equivalent way for whatever os you are on.

IM having the same issue… My sound is working fine when I play COD BO2 , Works Fine in Teanmspeak, Works on my MAgic Jack… But not on RUST, rebooted PC 3 times, Tried the game 4-5 times, NO FUCKING Sound

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FYI Sound on RUST Legacy Works just Fine STUPID FUCKIN BROKEN GAME

You need to check trello occasionally…

Some people do not have a clue about it, so thanks for the info bruh.

There’s no footstep sounds in the game right now. Other sounds work fine for me.

this thread is from january guys. just start a new thread…