No sound on weapons

So I moderator a DarkRP server which I like very much, and it has M9K weapons,

So the problem? If I shoot the weapon, I can’t hear jack shit, if I shoot it at the ground, I can hear the sound of the ground being shot ( I have no idea how to describe it, it’s like hitting a crowbar at a metal, you hear the metal sound if you hit it, right ? ) But I cannot hear the actual GUNSHOT, it’s very annoying, I already re-installed GMOD twice but there is no solution, I tried googling it but it just says to reinstall, which I already did.

Funny thing is I went to the sound > weapons folder and I see all my weapons, and I click each file and I can hear the reload, clicks and shots but it does not work in game

Any solutions?!

Found something that comes up in the console :

CSoundEmitterSystemBase::AddSound( ‘2eapon_TMP.Clipout’, ‘scripts/sounds/lua.txt’, … ), script file not list in manifest ‘scripts/game_sounds_manifest.txt’
CSoundEmitterSystemBase::AddSound( ‘2eapon_TMP.clipin’, ‘scripts/sounds/lua.txt’, … ), script file not list in manifest ‘scripts/game_sounds_manifest.txt’

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Please help me

Bump, no one has a solution?~!

Try re-installing M9K

I can’t

I don’t know where it is, it’s not in addons but it looks like it’s in the " Downloads " folder in GMod, but it’s just scarmbled with random numbers, and I already wrote that I reinstalled GMOD, so what’s the fucking point of reinstalling M9K?


Either re-install M9k by going into your GMOD/addons folder and looking for the .GMA folder, or you can ask around and see if others have the same issue on the server. If they do, chances are the sound file is not correctly coded onto the .lua file for the server.

I HAVE no M9K in my addons folder, maybe cause I didn’t subscribe to it but it does not matter since I have the models and stuff cause the server downloaded it, it just random numbers

Second of all no one in the server has the same issue as me

third of all, I reinstalled GMOD 2 times already and I DID say it, yet it did not work

The only hint of the problem I can think of is after I reinstalled GMOD and went into singleplayer the weapons ( HL2 ones, defualt ) worked with the sound, however after I entered the server they didn’t

please just download it from the workshop.

delete game_sounds_manifest.txt in your scripts folder and restart gmod