No sound. T.T


Recently I have been unable to recieve any audio in ‘Garry’s Mod 10’. I can hear the intro menu sound effects just fine, but all the audio appears to mute when I go into a game. I get sound from every other game and I have: verified, defragmented, removed add-ons and practically cleaned out the folder. I’ve done everything but re-install, which people online say doesn’t work. If anyone could help me i’d be grateful, as I only recently opened a paid GMod server and it’s no fun without sound.

  • Xenoyia


OH come on, you guys are worse than the steam forums. No-one can help me?! seriously?! it’s like im being ******* ignored here.

I managed to get IN-GAME sounds working if I change my speaker configuration (from 2 speakers to another one) but then I can’t use voice chat, and when someone else uses voice chat the sound breaks altogether. Can someone explain what the hell is going on here?

BUMP! Can someone PLEASE help me?!

Hmmmmm… Maybe try a REINSTALL, you never know, gosh darn…

Well in that case it sounds like computer trouble, if it works when you change your sound config, head over to the tech forum.