No sound

This is a repost of a previous thread, since I didn’t get a reply (might have posted it at a bad time?). The previous post is as follows:

For some reason, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get any sound (including voice) to get through in GMOD 13. It was working up until a point in 12, then stopped. When I tried the beta of 13, there was sound, but once the official version of GMOD 13 was released, I was back to having no sound. I’m running Windows 7, 32-bit, my sound drivers are up to date (if I can trust the audio pane in the control panel), and I use Logitech G930 headphones. Switching the speaker configuration has no effect no matter what I select, and the box for selection always starts empty (from which I can select something via the dropdown menu). It isn’t muted, and the volume is up in both the Volume Mixer and the game itself. I’ve deleted the game’s local content and anything I could find in my steam folders a few times now to no avail. If I recall, the sound was missing before I installed anything via the Workshop. Is there something I can do? Normally I would let this slide, but I intend to play multiplayer, and it would be a bit harder without sound.