No sounds from M9K?

Whenever I reload, shoot or hear someone shoot, I get no sound. I only hear bullets whizzling past, nothing else.
I’ve re-installed the .gma’s. Any idea as to what I have to do? :confused:


Do you have a CSS-Weapon addon installed?

Any console errors about missing sounds?

Tell me more about this. pls.
Is the CSS-Weapon addon needed?

No, nothing at all.

You don’t need the CSS-Weapon addon. I had this problem before; took a reinstall.

Reinstall of garry’s mod? Anything BUT reinstall pls. My garry’s mod is 7gb lol

Then delete your downloads folder.

I’m not a pro at this, but I’m sure there is a zip version of M9K you can download, find it, download it, add it to your addons then make sure the sounds folder is there.

Still doesn’t work.

I believe a reinstall is in order then; don’t know your specific issue, but a reinstall fixed it for me.

You have to go make right-click on gmod then characteristics<local Files<Check game files for errors then he should make the missing sound it works for everygame