No Spawn Icon and Invisible Model

Well, I’m trying to test my first skin in Gmod and Hexing. When I found my skin, the icon of the person is
not there. When I click it, is a invisible model. Tell me the problem and help me please.

No Spawn Icon:

Invisible Model:

Your hexing may have gone wrong, you didn’t press backspace at any time during hexing it did you?

So, I’m suppose to backspace when I hex then.

Nope, never backspace when hexing or bad and wierd things occur >.<

Well, I type over the original name to my name. The beginning of the letter to the end, I left the “.mdl”
alone. -__o

That sounds right… hummm wonder whats up with it then. Did you change the textures of the model or just the name?

Well, I use the 09’s citizen sheet and editing it. And extract the 09’s model from GCFScape, opened up
XV132 and change “male_09.mdl” name. That’s what I did.


It work, the model spawned, but then there’s 1 problem. When I spawned it, the model just has the
default citizen clothes.

What is the problem?

Oh and it still doesn’t have its own spawn icon.

You need to change the path to the materials down the bottom of the code for your new materials to work. To make the spawn icon show you will have to right click it and refresh it.

How would I do that?

Same way you did the model name.

Eh, still not working…

Screenshot the top and bottom of your screen in the hex editor and put the contents of your VMT files.

Am I suppose to do something in the bottom of the hex editor?

Is so…

Yes you have to rename your texture path so that it finds your new one instead of the original.

Right here right?

What do I suppose to do with it now?

above that bit should be the texture names, i’m asuming that you’ve renamed your textures something different from the original?

Yeah I did.

Am I suppose to do that or not?

Yup, you need to put that name in place of the original in the hex editor.

I finally got it, thanks for the help Silver Spirit. I appreciated it.

np :slight_smile: