No Spread Hack

Well ive been searching google for a while now and ive never actually come across anything even related to this so i made an account on here. Searched endlessly to no avail then decided to ask you guys for some help.

So what do i want?
A gmod lua file/hack (client side) that allows the user to have no spread on their weapon.

Why do i want it?
Well ive been playing gmod for a while now and ive been wanting one of these FOR A LONG TIME!

Is this possible?
Well its more than possible. My friend made one of these but he wont give me it because he’s mean (plus i hate to ask)

So thanks for the views and i hope you guys can help me.

It’s not done in pure Lua. Nor would anyone give you one they made.

Hmm didnt think so but its worth a shot right?

No, I don’t believe it’s possible.
This is because spread is decided in the weapon base (mostly with functions that cannot be overridden by the client); therefore it cannot be edited on the client side.
You can easily make an anti-recoil script, however.

It’s possible.

no it is 100% possible im very sure of that im just not sure how.

Can anyone point me in the right direction because im confused about what makes the nospread

They have hacks for Team Fortress 2 that shake the guns view like crazy when your shooting to make every single bullet hit one spot.

But can’t you just Lua script a set of weapons with no spread?

It’s a module that hijacks the random seed of the spread of weapons, causing all weapons to have a perfect, spot on shot.

No one’s going to give it to you though.

Wouldn’t using a module like that get you VAC banned from Garry’s Mod?


What makes the nospread so special though?
I people keep saying nobody would give me it but what makes it so special? What makes it different from any other hacks?

It has perfect aim

i dont meen it like that xD
What i meen is people keep saying that nobody would release it, but why not? What makes it so special that people dont want to release it?

Well i think apart from the module it is impossible. The client can’t change settings on the server. Therefore you can’t change the spray settings on the server.

You could accurately predict the spread if you have access to the seed and number generator used.

Just make a set of sweps that has no spread.

Theirs no point to hacking in Garry’s Mod either.

Or you could set the seed to 0 (So as the spread will be 0, as multiplying by 0…)

i think that asb (a simple bot) has those norecoil functions search on or facepunch!

What? You’re sure it’s possible, just not sure? It isn’t possible to edit the HL2 weapons with Lua, since they’re made with C++ in the GCF files without screwing around with VAC, it may not even be possible at all. If you did, you’d get VAC banned for editing the DLL files. You CAN, however, remake the HL2 weapons with LUA into SWEPS with no spreak, but that would be server side, and pretty dumb.

This is GMod.

This is GMod.

What’s no spreak? :downs: