"No Squids here, let's go back to base."


Dunno, this popped into my head while I was walking today. C&C is appreciated.

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When you’re using SuperDOF, click on render so the background won’t look like that.

And never use lens flare.

I know, but I didn’t use SuperDOF…I used simple DOF.
I know it’s horrible but SuperDOF crashes my gmod.

Lens flare usually only looks horrible on game pictures. I’ve added some really nice effects to photos with a lens flare that doesn’t look fake like that.

it also seems a little bland, but heck, its better than what I can do in Gmod.

Suddenly, lens flare.

Do you have Multicore Rendering on?

You just need to turn it off and Super DOF will work fine.

Tried that.
Didn’t work.

You know, I’m getting the exact same problem too, Multicore Rendering on or off.