No steam Apps

So i went to play Gmod but i get a message that says “NO STEAM APPS!” It was working fine earlier, and yes i did buy it incase you think i torrented it.

link to your steam account?

Computer Specs, Steam Account Link, check your event viewer for error messages as well.

How do i do all that crap besides the Steam Account Link.

Steam Account link or no support.

Nvm i fixed it.

In other words you’re a pirate.

That was an error from a few weeks ago caused by a update, you probably downloaded a crappy torrent


I am not a pirate, i fixed it by deleting ClientRegistry.blob

Just give us a link to your steam community page…

Why won’t you post a link to your steam community page?
Even if it’s fixed there won’t be any hard in doing so… unless


Don’t post the link! They will hack your steam account or smth…

Yes, because facepunch is known for its douchebags.

Link us to your steam account. Otherwise, you’ll never get support here again.

Are you fucking retarded? Learn what “hack” means.

You guys do know that having a game on your “owned games” bit on steam doesn’t necessarily mean you own it. There’s ways to show it in there despite not owning it, but most cracks won’t.

Lets just say the average user isn’t smart enough to do so, they already give themself away before being able to fake a profile

Yes I am.

You completely ignored the other half of the post.

Yes I did.