"No Steam Logon" crash

everytime i join this server, when i spawn i crash with an “hl2.exe has stopped working”.
my friend says when i crash it says “No Steam Logon”
its only with this ONE server.
and it infuriates me because my friends go there alot.
nothing i google works.
tried deleting clientregistery.blob
tried reinstalling gmod fresh.
tried reinstalling steam.
tried downloading all the addons it uses manually incase it was something with the addon.
its gotten so bad that when i leave spawn i crash.

Load a singleplayer game first, then join the server from there.

still crashes

no one can help?

Does anyone else on that server complain of crashing?

unfortunately not that i know of. most likely not.

That might help.

the thing thats confusing is its just that server. i was playing on another RP server just fine.

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a friend just told me that some other people have been disconnecting with “no steam logon” but im not sure if it crashes aswell.

Tell the server owner that they need to update the server.

i will get ahold of him, but im just curious as to how that would affect a small amount of people?
all my friends can play there without a crash.

That appears to be a common cause of crashes since the last engine update.

wouldnt i not be able to connect to it if it was out of date though?

No, people are still able to connect.